Hanger Tea is one of the innovative product designs in the market, not only innovative and creative, but this product design is also decorative with its look. Hanging on the tea cup in a stable way, easy to use and throw.

Ordinary teabags are everywhere, but be a little different and use such interesting and unique teabags. Add some fun to your life with this hanger tea or tea-shirt, whatever you call it! We liked this idea of Hanger Tea design by designer Soon Mo Kang, which definitely adds some certain smile to our faces in the home environment while drinking a cup of tea.

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Amazing Black & White Pringles Pack called Pringles Premium designed by  Sweden-based designer Niklas Hessman.

He says:

“Myself and others feel that there is a lack of a premium pringles product line. Therefore I decided to design one. The outcome is a product that will stand out from the other Pringles while retaining the well known tube shape. Simple and clean packaging design that will work in the Scandinavian market.”

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Sou Fujimoto.
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